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Demographic Forecasting and Analysis.

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Expert demographic forecasting and analysis to support strategic decision-making, investment and planning.

Why Edge?

We produce forecasts at micro and macro level, using administrative and bespoke geographies defined by our clients. Our detailed, defensible population and housing forecasts can reveal patterns of growth to inform infrastructure and investment planning.

We have constructed a methodology our clients can trust; we use an industry-standard cohort component approach to our forecasting models, which can be tailored to the requirements of the project. Our proprietary data models use a range of inputs such as housing and employment trends alongside industry-standard assumptions on births, deaths and migration. Forecasts can be produced for a range of geographies, from Census Output Areas to administrative, regional and national boundaries, as well as bespoke areas such as retail catchments or drive-time areas. 

Alongside this, we have also developed a unique national forecasting model that produces population and housing forecasts at LSOA level, using the latest demographic statistics and Local Plan housing evidence to generate forecasts informed by planned housing developments. We pride ourselves on our over-and-above approach to working with our clients, supporting them with interrogation meetings and providing outputs in easy-to-read, actionable formats.

Questions we can


How will changing demographics impact our towns, cities and communities in the future?


Where should we spend our investment to maximise the impact?


Birth rates are falling, how will this impact our service provision?


How will future housing growth influence population growth?

Our clients.

“We really value the support that Edge Analytics provides the Council, not just knowing that the insights provided will stand up to independent review, but with the value-add of support the team provides. They’ve been really helpful in providing the right evidence to us, which has helped shape the strategy for our Local Development Plan and the wider work at the council. This is the second LDP process that we are undertaking with Edge and, I have to say it would have been very difficult to progress this work without the expertise of Edge Analytics.”

Stuart Williams, Group Leader (Policy) at Cardiff Council 

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