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Migration Yorkshire is responsible for collecting and disseminating information and intelligence on the impact of international migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

This intelligence is required at both a regional and local level and is shared with many partner organisations to enable effective planning and service delivery.

International migration is a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional process, with no single source of data available.

Migration Yorkshire identified the difficulty involved in collating and sharing information with its partners in a consistent, coherent and accessible way.


The Migrant Databank has been developed to enable the management, presentation and sharing of statistics on migrant populations

The Databank incorporates statistics from a wide range of sources including: 2011 Census, ONS, DWP, HESA, Pupil Census, GP statistics and the Home Office.

Data is stored and displayed for a time-series that extends back to 2004, for geographical areas that includes the Yorkshire & Humber region, its local authority districts and the wards that make up these districts.

The Migrant Databank is refreshed and delivered on a quarterly basis, providing Migration Yorkshire with the most recent evidence on migrant population profiles and distribution, from which to plan and target its services.