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Housing Plan Data.

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Providing a picture of local, regional and national demand with uniquely detailed Housing Plan insight.

We have been collecting Housing Plan data since 2016, covering planned housing developments, past completions, housing need and requirements linked to Local Plans and Local Development Plans over England, Wales and Scotland. This insight is valuable for any organization wanting to understand how population characteristics and make-up is likely to change over a period, based on the growth of housing across a geography.

Our methodology.

Our Housing Plan data covers all Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) in England and Wales, including Local Authority Districts and National Parks. Data is collected from Local Planning Authorities alongside the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC).

Data is organised and grouped into the below categories:


• Completions: how many homes have been built?

• Need: how many homes are needed? (i.e. housing demand)

• Requirements: what are the housing provision targets? (i.e. policy targets)

• Supply: how much land is available for housing delivery?

• Delivery: what is the expected rate of housing delivery?

• Sites: where specifically is housing growth planned?


 We provide plan insight on a macro or micro level, covering the entirety of a local authority area or individual sites where housing growth is planned or possible across both greenfield and brownfield sites.


Housing site data is geocoded for precise, accurate insight on the location of planned housing developments and the status of each project.

Questions we can


Where are new housing developments planned across my region?


How will growth of housing impact demand for our services?


How can I future-proof the infrastructure in my community?

Our clients.

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