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Cardiff Bay

Working with Cardiff Council as a trusted Local Development Plan insights partner

Cardiff Council has partnered with Edge Analytics since 2012 to support their Local Development Plans for the city, providing detailed population and housing projections to inform what future growth could look like and how the city needs to evolve to meet future needs.

Edge uses its data modelling capabilities to produce a range of growth scenarios, which the council can then choose to take forwards. Cardiff also relies on Edge to update previously adopted Local Development Plans in line with new Census results. Other work provided for the Council includes demographics analysis, using data from the Welsh Government to support understanding of how Cardiff’s student population impacts the characteristics and requirements of the city.

Edge generated a range of high, low and medium options for the Local Development Plan Team at Cardiff Council to consult on, one of which formed the preferred strategy selected for the team’s planning work. The Cardiff team relies on Edge’s expertise in complex data modelling techniques, which are used to produce high-quality, robust outputs. These are delivered back to Cardiff in a clear, user-friendly format. They value the clarity of the outputs, which are delivered in visually displayed reports with clear headlines and key findings.

Edge Analytics has also supported the Cardiff team by attending independent reviews in which forecasts are scrutinised and have always been found to be robust. It is this over-and-above approach, alongside best-in-class forecasting and demographics analysis, which makes Edge a uniquely valuable partner.

A quote from Stuart Williams, Group Leader (Policy)

“We really value the support that Edge Analytics provides the Council, not just knowing that the insights provided will stand up to independent review, but with the value-add of support the team provides. They’ve been really helpful in providing the right evidence to us, which has helped shape the strategy for our Local Development Plan and the wider work at the council. This is the second LDP process that we are undertaking with Edge and, I have to say it would have been very difficult to progress this work without the expertise of Edge Analytics.”

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