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Image by Gary Butterfield

Deriving demographic change projections for Yorkshire Housing

Yorkshire Housing wanted to understand how demographic makeup was likely to change across Yorkshire over the next 10 and 25 years. Edge Analytics were commissioned to review population trends across the county and its surrounding regions, alongside social and economic trends that could influence the social geography of Yorkshire by 2040. Yorkshire housing required specific information on population size, as well as household size, age profile, wealth and income distribution.

Edge Analytics used its proprietary forecasting technology to derive population and household projections for the 2015-2040 period, providing Yorkshire Housing with a clear picture of how the number and type of households was likely to change in each of Yorkshire’s local authority districts.

To present variations in wealth and income, Edge used the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) in combination with average house price statistics for corresponding areas. Edge also provided Yorkshire Housing with statistics including published data on healthy life expectancy to provide the basis for presenting regional variations in health and wellbeing. 

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