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Edge Analytics Shortlisted for Women in IT Award

Updated: May 20, 2021

Edge Analytics has recently been shortlisted for a Women in IT Award in the category of Employer of the Year (up to 250 employees).

The award is for a company that "can be either a technology company that has demonstrated a great effort to attract and retain more women or a company from any other industry that has demonstrated great efforts to attract and retain more women in its IT and/or digital department. Judges will look at efforts the employer has made to create a more diverse and inclusive working environment."

Being nominated and shortlisted for this award is an fantastic acknowledgement of the work Edge Analytics has been doing over the past decade to promote women in data science, whether it be for a year-in-industry or as one of three women directors. Edge will continue to pursue new avenues in supporting diversity and inclusion.

"There is nothing quite like walking into an office full of smart, passionate women who are smashing it in the data science industry, and the greatest part is it just feels normal." -Award Nomination

The team at Edge Analytics is incredibly proud of this accomplishment and looks forward to attending the Summit and Award Ceremony on June 23rd and 24th, respectively.

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