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Future-proofing infrastructure with robust Local Plan evidence for Anglian Water

Anglian Water is one of the largest water companies in the UK, supplying water and waste services to over six million people in the East of England.


The company requires robust, dependable population and property forecasts to support long-term planning. These forecasts provide evidence to inform the expansion and maintenance of water and waste-water infrastructure, ensuring that supply can meet future demand, whilst accommodating increases in flow and load to the network.


To inform the development of its Water Resources Management Plan, Anglian Water commissioned Edge Analytics to collect Local Plan housing growth data from each of the local authorities serviced by its Water Recycling Region.


Edge drew information from its Local Plan housing database including the status of the build, time period, housing growth targets, and the trajectory/phasing of housing growth. Additionally, the team contacted planning officers within councils to quality-check data published online, collect additional information not publicly available, and source other data such as GIS information relating to planned site developments.


Work delivered to Anglian Water included an easy-to-read summary of findings, Local Plan documentation and all data delivered in Excel and GIS formats, providing Anglian Water with micro-level housing growth evidence to inform its wastewater asset management and growth strategies.

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