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Demographic Forecasting for Macro- and Micro-Geographies

VICUS is Edge Analytics’ micro-location demographic forecasting model, linking future housing plans to scenarios of population and household growth.

VICUS is of particular relevance to the energy and water industries, where the micro-location of new development and its impact upon population distribution are key to the strategic development of asset infrastructure to meet consumer demand.

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VICUS uses detailed information on future housing growth to inform scenarios of population forecasting and household growth. These outcomes can be compared to alternative trend-based scenarios, and official population projections. 

Housing growth plans typically provide most geographical (site-level) detail over a 5–15-year horizon, with less certainty thereafter. However, more aggregate housing growth targets typically exist for a longer 15 or 20-year outlook.

VICUS technology accommodates these differences in scale and timing, combining local authority and micro-location statistics. The data provides both a 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' perspective on future demographic change.

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