Client: Hull City Council


Hull City Council identified a need for an independent review of its school place planning capability.

Key requirements of the review included:

  • An appraisal of the Council’s in-house pupil forecasting model.

  • An evaluation of the data inputs underpinning the Council’s model.

  • Suggestions as to how improvements could be made.


Edge Analytics conducted a scrutiny of Hull City Council’s school place planning capability, drawing on a combination of methodological assessments, data analysis and stakeholder feedback.

To inform the scrutiny, Edge Analytics considered the demographic patterns affecting the growth and profile of Hull’s resident population, comparing the Council’s latest pupil forecasts to population projections from the Office for National Statistics.

In addition, key issues were considered and discussed with Hull City Council’s school place planning team, adding further context to the scrutiny process.

A report and presentation were provided to Hull City Council, detailing Edge Analytics’ findings and recommendations. Suggested improvements included the provision of a scenario forecasting facility that would enable the implications of alternative data inputs and assumptions to be tested.