Recent figures show that the UK data science market was worth £1.1 billion in 2018. This figure is set to grow even further in the near future. Data analysis is present in many aspects of everyday life, and even more so in business. It is now an essential part of any good business forecast. It is used to plan business strategies, analyse sales figures, and manage CRM systems.

Basing your business forecast on data science allows you to better anticipate and plan events. Using demographic data to better understand your landscape is a major part of any business forecast. This data helps managers and business owners understand the challenges that lie ahead, which means that they can plan for them accordingly. 

At Edge Analytics, we use all of the tools at our disposal. Our knowledge of data science allows us to provide businesses with an analytical model that will suit them best. We use Quest, a resource optimisation tool designed to help solve problems that relate to service utilisation, to outline problems that may arise in the future. Our method of analysis can be used to determine several important factors, such as which customers to target, or whether or not to open a new store. 

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Customer Retention

Pure Gym recognised a need to improve their knowledge of their membership base and commissioned Edge Analytics to undertake a comprehensive data mining analysis.

This approach enabled analysis and identification of member types and their likely behaviour, an insight into factors influencing duration of membership and customer churn and the development of a coherent narrative around member behaviour and value to better inform future CRM strategies.