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Edge Analytics Becomes Living Wage Accredited

Edge Analytics is proud to join over 7,000 Living Wage Employers in an effort to support its employees and join the movement for fair pay. The Living Wage Foundation is at the centre of the campaign for workers to receive fair pay and for employers to go above the government minimum and pay a real Living Wage.

The 'Real Living Wage' is set by a calculation according to the costs of living, based on a basket of household goods and services whereas the UK 'minimum wage' and 'National Living Wage' are set through negotiations between the government, business and trade unions as well as being a % of median earnings for over 23s. The Real Living Wage allows employees to be paid a wage that covers the cost of living rather than what is affordable for businesses. The UK government also increased the minimum wage (for staff over 25) after campaigning done by the Living Wage Foundation.

Edge Analytics hires a large range of employees, from part-time data assistants and year-in-industry candidates to senior directors and firmly believes that everyone one of them should be able to live comfortably on their wage. This accreditation will show potential clients and employees that Edge Analytics values the team over the bottom line.

More information on the Living Wage Foundation and how to become accredited can be found at:

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