Demographic Analyst & Project Manager

Grace joined Edge Analytics as a Project Analyst in July 2019, having achieved a First Class Masters in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia. During her degree, Grace specialised in ecology, biodiversity and conservation. Her research projects focussed on investigating water quality using macro-invertebrate sampling, and the cultural valuation of the iconic Norfolk drainage mills. Grace has expertise in statistical methods, using Arc-GIS, SPSS and R programming extensively throughout her degree. 
At Edge Analytics, Grace applies her analytical expertise to the development and delivery of products and services to support planning and decision-making in education, housing and water resource planning. Recently, Grace has worked on the development of Edge Analytics’ Early Years pupil forecasting model, and the Hidden & Transient model, quantifying populations excluded from published ONS statistics. 
Grace has previously worked as an RSPB Schools Outreach volunteer, connecting schoolchildren with birdlife and the natural environment, and has volunteered with an Operation Wallacea research team in Romania, using ecological survey techniques to record and analyse bird, plant and animal distributions.