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Project Delivery Director

As Project Delivery Director at Edge Analytics, Rebecca is responsible for project coordination, working closely with the team to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of all projects. Rebecca is also responsible for Edge Analytics’ edge-ucate suite of projects, including mainstream school forecasting, special educational needs and disability (SEN) forecasting, and pupil housing yield analytics. Rebecca has worked extensively with education-sector clients across the UK, delivering these bespoke edge-ucate products and services. She has also been responsible for the development of Edge Analytics’ ‘hidden and transient’ model, quantifying populations excluded from published ONS statistics. 
Rebecca joined Edge Analytics in December 2012 after completing her PhD at the School of Geography, University of Leeds. Her research involved the development of a bespoke ‘local food miles calculator’, which assessed the carbon emissions associated with transporting locally sourced products to supermarket shelves. Rebecca has expertise in spatial analysis, retail geography and geodemographics, having also completed an MSc in GIS for Business and Service Planning at the University of Leeds.

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