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Edge Analytics

Experts in defensible demographic evidence and forecasting using an academic approach to data collection, analysis and modelling.

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Our robust demographics forecasts, catchment modelling and housing-led insights are trusted by organisations across a broad range of sectors to assess risks and opportunities driven by future changes in demand. Using industry-standard cohort component models, we can create projections for unlimited forecast horizons, providing detailed insights on future trends. 

Our expertise.

Demographic Forecasting and Analysis.

Housing Plan 



Edge-ucate Pupil Projections.

Trusted by...


Academic expertise in
data and demographics.

We understand how changing populations impact all types of organisations, and the importance of planning for the needs of future customers and consumers.


Our methodology has been developed by experts in modelling and managing data, bringing the highest-quality sources together into proprietary data models. Edge products are designed for flexibility, from forecast timescales to geographies, for analysis and modelling outputs.

What our clients say.

“We really value the support that Edge Analytics provides the Council, not just knowing that the insights provided will stand up to independent review, but with the value-add of support the team provides. They’ve been really helpful in providing the right evidence to us, which has helped shape the strategy for our Local Development Plan and the wider work at the council.”


Stuart Williams, Group Leader (Policy), Cardiff Council

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