Popgroup Product Suite

Core Software

POPGROUP provides a suite of products for demographic analysis, forecasting and planning.

The POPGROUP suite consists of series of linked Microsoft Excel-based models, the key components of which are the POPGROUP model and the Derived Forecast model:

  • The main POPGROUP model provides a 'cohort component model' (the methodology used by the UK national statistical agencies) that enables the development of population forecasts based on births, deaths and migration inputs and assumptions.
  • The Derived Forecast model allows forecasts of any variable that is closely related to the age-sex structure of a population to be produced, such as household structure, economic activity and disability.

The two models are independent of each other, but are designed to work together to, for example, examine the population-growth implications of a defined jobs-growth or housing-growth trajectory.

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Data Modules

A number of Data Modules are available for use within the POPGROUP and Derived Forecast models. These can be used to replicate official projections for population and households in the UK and provide the basis for the development of a range of alternative scenarios.

Current Data Modules that are available include:

  • Functionality to add historical estimates of births, deaths and migration from ONS to users' projection files
  • The latest sub-national population projections from ONS, NRS and WG
  • The latest sub-national household projections from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), NRS and WG
  • Illness and disability projections based upon 2001 Census statistics.
  • Labour force projections.

During 2016, new Data Modules will be released to update population estimates and projections.

For further information on the Data Modules, please contact popgroup@edgeanalytics.co.uk or call Edge Analytics on 0113 384 6087.

Guidance & Support

All POPGROUP software and Data Modules are accompanied by user guides, reference material and additional guidance notes.

Comprehensive reference manuals accompany the core POPGROUP and Derived Forecast models, providing guidance on installation, set-up, functionality and applications of the software.

Each POPGROUP and Derived Forecast Data Module is accompanied by its own user manual to facilitate installation and use of the product with POPGROUP.

Additional user guides provide further guidance on the appropriate application of POPGROUP to evaluate different types of scenario: trend projections; dwelling-led forecasts; and forecasts linked to economic change.

For further information on guidance and support documentation, please contact popgroup@edgeanalytics.co.uk or call Edge Analytics on 0113 384 6087.


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ONS 2016-based Household Projection Data Module Release

11th January 2019

A new household projection Data Module has been released for POPGROUP users in England.

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