Popgroup Functionality

Using POPGROUP, forecasts can be made using a variety of data inputs and assumptions. Current populations can be estimated and future populations forecast, with detailed age and sex composition.

The POPGROUP cohort component model enables the development of population forecasts based on fertility, mortality and migration data inputs and assumptions; domestic and international migration can be modelled separately, either as rates or flows.

The Derived Forecast model allows population forecasts to be converted into household numbers or to any other variable that is directly linked to the age-sex profile of the population.

POPGROUP uses Microsoft Excel workbooks to manage the data inputs and outputs and provides flexibility to enable users to experiment and analyse alternative forecasts. Data extraction and chart routines provide users with easy access to both broad and detailed summary statistics.

POPGROUP can be used to produce high-quality, defensible population statistics for use in strategic planning, service planning and policy development.

POPGROUP is used extensively by local authorities and local and regional organisations, providing a desktop utility for the evaluation of alternative growth scenarios to support local planning.

Hardware & Software Requirements

POPGROUP is supported for operation on versions of Microsoft Excel from 2003 to 2016 and versions of Windows from XP onwards.

For further guidance on the hardware and software requirements please contact popgroup@edgeanalytics.co.uk or call Edge Analytics on 0113 384 6087.


Call us on 0113 384 6087

Alternatively email us at popgroup@edgeanalytics.co.uk and we will ensure a prompt reply


ONS 2016-based Household Projection Data Module Release

11th January 2019

A new household projection Data Module has been released for POPGROUP users in England.

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