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Resource Optimisation Models


Quest is a flexible and powerful suite of optimisation software for solving difficult practical problems relating to service utilisation and resource planning. Optimisation models - where many thousands of alternative scenarios can be quickly computed and evaluated – are an invaluable aid to strategic planning.

Quest models can be applied to many different types of resource deployment planning problem, where key issues include the need for cost minimisation, equality of access to service provision, efficiency of distribution, or workload equalisation. Quest models handle a range of practical implementation considerations including capacity constraints and regulatory guidelines.


Quest models can aid policy development, where there is a need to configure the provision of a product or service around the demand for that product or service. Example applications include:

  • Emergency services
  • Health care facilities
  • Retail coverage
  • Franchise territories
  • Sports and gym facilities

Quest optimising criteria can include the minimisation of travel or response time, or minimum levels of access or customer utility. Whilst many service provision models focus primarily on matching service levels to demand, Quest optimisation models focus on deploying resources efficiently or equitably. This can be to organise territories so that workloads are balanced, or to minimise overlap of service coverage to minimise cost.

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